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We can take you from planning and design, all the way to post-send reporting and analysis.

Email marketing is one of the most well-targeted, cost-effective, measurable methods of promoting your brand available today. Of course, your success is contingent upon delivering the proper message.  Global Net Digital email marketing services is here to help.  


Global Net Digital will develop and manage your email campaign and capture critical information that enables you to refine your email marketing strategies. You can better customize your message or your offer to reach exactly the customer/client you need to reach.


You can reach your target market on a consistent basis for at least 50% less than traditional direct marketing.

Some of our services include:

  • Campaign Planning

  • Creative Design

  • Content / Copy Development

  • Email Delivery Management (Hosting)

  • A/B (“Split”) Testing

  • Metrics and Evaluation

Our email marketing methodology increases your ROI:

By treating email marketing as an engaging dialogue between yourself and your recipients, you can utilize email to accomplish your objectives and increase your online marketing ROI.

Image by Austin Distel
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